No.5 "Velvet Revolution"

Velvet RevolutionWhile following the path of Czech students from November 1989 you will learn about life under the Communist régime, and about the course of events during the so-called Velvet Revolution. This tour is particularly suitable for students and all those who have no real notion of life in the former communist Czechoslovakia.

We will not only visit places closely connected to the memorable upheaval, but we will also discuss the history of the Emauzy Monastery, National Theatre, Vyšehrad Castle and other important sights of Prague.
What is there to see during the trip: Route the students took on 17th November 1989, Vyšehrad Castle, National Theatre, Wenceslas Square

Price of the tour includes: services of our guide

Duration of the tour: 3 hours


Thanks for a very enjoyable tour. Your tour was as if we were being shown the city by a personal friend. Thanks for being sensitive to our particular interests and needs. I will be happy to pass along my recommendation for your services.
Best Regards

24.7.2011 Barbara and Tom Tailor