Church of Mary Virgin under the Chain

Church of Mary VirginThe monastery was founded by the Bohemian king Vladislav II. in 1169 as the first Johannite commendam in Bohemia. The knightly order of Johannites renewed its activities here in 1989 and the church of Virgin Mary under the Chain is a part of the huge building complex of this order in Prague, which is located among the streets Saská, Lázeňská and the Velkopřevorské náměstí.Saint John the Baptist is the patron of the order,  therefore they are called the Johannites.

It is interesting that the ornatory has several names. Virgin Mary under the Chain is its most widely known name but it used to be called „the end of the bridge“ or „At the Malteses„. Now we will explain the reasons of  these rather strange names. It is called the end of the bridge because it used to stand very close to the Judith (later Charles) Bridge. The most familiar name „under the chain“ is used because the monasterygate used to be closed by a chain which was according to a legend made of gold.

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