ClementinumLarge complex of Clementinum is situated between Karlova street and Křížovnická street. Main frontage is fronts to the Mariánské square, where is the seat of Town-council Prague. Charles Bridge as well as Staroměstské square is about 5 minutes away from Clementinum. Clementinum, built on area of 2 hectare, is one of largest building complex in Europe. The most attractive parts of the sightseeing tour in Clementinum are Astronomical Tower, Mirror Chapel and Baroque Library hall.

The Astronomical Tower which is 68 meters high presents a wonderful view of the historical center of Prague. The Mirror Chapel belongs to the most important jewels of Clementinum. It has an inwrought interior with unique built in mirrors that cannot be seen anywhere else. There is another baroque pearl above the Mirror Chapel – The Baroque Library hallwith splendid fresco paintings on the ceiling and a few historically rare big globes. Books with whitened backbone and red marks are dated in the Jesuits time. Generations of famous architects, sculptors and painters participated on the constructions of Clementinum – one of pivotal Prague memory.

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