Old New Synagogue

Old New SynanogueOld New Synagogue – the oldest Jewish Gothic monumentThis beautiful sacred place is one of the oldest and most valuable buildings not only in Europe but also in the whole world. The synagogue is still active. It has been used for its purposes continually since the 13th century – of course, except the period of the World War II. This synagogue ranks among the oldest Jewish Gothic buildings in the territory of the Czech Republic because its origins come from the late 1270s. Its great construction shows beautiful elements including fine brick gables among others.

The synagogue is not interesting only for its architectural elements but also for its unusual name. The “Old New” has remained since the times the Synagogue was originally called the “New,” which was supposed to distinguish it from an older synagogue in Dušní street. However, when newer synagogues were built, its name was changed to “Old New” and the synagogue became, among others, the main religious centre of Prague Jewish Community.

More info:  http://www.praguecityline.com/prague-monuments/old-new-synagogue


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