VysehradVysehrad is a place full of secrets. Still, it raises many questions for us. Be informed, when in fact the castle was built. Its past, shrouded by veils of mystery, offers writers and ordinary people several important myths and legends. From Jirasek’s work are known the legends about Princess Libuse, who ruled the Czech lands from Vysehrad, and later married Premysl the Ploughman, the father all the Premysl family.

Another story, which highlights the power of the Czechs, tells of the brave Bivoj, who overcame a horrible boar terrorizing the neighborhood with his bare hands. But when the site was first inhabited by the royal family, we do not know yet. There are some legends that already by the second half of the 10th century the king Boleslav II lived there. Coins discovered during his reing are the first to bare the inscription of the castle Wisegradus. One thing is for sure: Vysehrad acquired considerable fame under Vratislav II. If someone was going from the south towards Prague, they would have to ride around Vysehrad. They would be greeted from afar by the two tall black towers of Peter and Paul, St. Steven’s Basilica, and the heavy set walls. Vysehrad really had a very good strategic position, because it is effectively protected from conquerors. Leading to the castle are only two access roads through gates over a ditch. The other parts of the castle are protected by a huge cliff and the river Vltava.

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