Church of the Virgin Mary the victorious – the Infant Jesus of Prague

Infant JesusChurch of the Virgin Mary the Victorious was built on a site were originally the Church of the Holy Trinity stood, the oldest baroque place of worship in Prague which was finished in 1613 by Giovanni Mario Filippi for German Lutherans. In 1624 the church was handed over to the Carmelites who turned it around.

Today the Church of Our Lady Victorious houses one of the most revered figures in the Catholic world – the Pražské Jezulátko (il Bambino di Praga), a wax figure which supposedly has miraculous healing powers. The Bambino stands on a richly decorated marble altar on the right hand side of the church. It was brought to Bohemia by Polyxena Lobkovicz who donated it to the Carmelites in 1628.

Another interesting fact is that some of the Carmelites are buried in the church in open coffins in a crypt under the main altar. Remarkably, their remains have been preserved by the dry air underground.

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